An Anxious Age: The Post-Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of America (Image/Random House, 2014)

The Christmas Plains (Image/Random House, 2012)

The Second Spring: Words Into Music, Music Into Words (St. Augustine’s Press, 2011)

(co-editor) The Pius War: Responses to the Critics of Pius XII (Lexington Books, 2004)

The Fall & Other Poems (St. Augustine’s Press, 2001)

Pulp & Prejudice: Essays in Search of Books, Culture, and God (Amazon e-book, 2011)

Kindle Singles:

Nativity: A Christmas Tale (Kindle Single e-book, 2013)

Wise Guy: A Christmas Tale (Kindle Single e-book, 2012)

The Summer of 43: R.A. Dickey's Knuckleball and

the Redemption of America’s Game (Kindle Single e-book, 2012)

The Gospel According to Tim (Kindle Single e-book, 2012)

Dakota Christmas (Kindle Single e-book, 2011)

Praise for

An Anxious Age:

“Dazzling—bound to be viewed as a classic of American sociology, . . . a classic of American letters, too.”—Weekly Standard

“A strikingly original diagnosis of the national moral condition, deftly analytical and beautifully written.”—National Review  

“Joseph Bottum has changed the way we will look at American religion.”—Washington Times  

“Joseph Bottum may be America’s best writer on religion.”—American Interest

“The writing is so marvelous. The most interesting, accessible, and perceptive analysis of recent American religious history in years.”—University Bookman  

“An interpretive guide with great explanatory power.” James Burnham, Daniel Bell, Christopher Lasch: “with the publication of An Anxious Age, I wonder if these earlier thinkers haven’t all been surpassed.”—The Week