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Joseph Bottum

“A strikingly original diagnosis of the national moral condition" National Review

"Joseph Bottum has changed the way we will look at American religion” Washington Times

Praise for Joseph Bottum

"One of America’s most gifted writers, with a perfect ear and a matchless style.”—Andrew Ferguson, author of Crazy U

“Bottum’s name would be mandatory on any objective short list of public intellectuals in America.”—Mary Eberstadt, author of Adam and Eve after the Pill

“A fierce critical intelligence and a terrific sense of the comedy of errors we call the human condition.”—Paul Mariani, poet and biographer  

“Joseph Bottum is the poetic voice of modern Catholic intellectual life. His work shaped the minds of a generation.”National Review

“Bravura passages, elegant prose: Joseph Bottum may be America’s best writer on religion.”American Interest

“A poet and critic and essayist with a sideline in history and philosophy, wrenching the true complexity of faith back from the complexity-destroying context of contemporary political debates.”New York Times